Magnus Norgren

Magnus Norgren

Surface and Colloid Engineering, FSCN Research Centre, Mid Sweden University, Sweden


Cellulose with tuned properties for utilization in advanced composite materials


Dr. Magnus Norgren obtained a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Lund University in 2001,  under the guidance of Prof. Björn Lindman. The focus of his doctoral thesis, titled "On the Physical Chemistry of Kraft Lignin," significantly advanced the comprehension of the macromolecular and colloidal interactions within lignin, particularly under conditions pertinent to Kraft pulping. His research not only contributed substantially to the field but also played a pivotal role in expediting the development of the Lignoboost® process. In acknowledgment of his contributions to the field of lignin's physical chemistry, he was honored with the Alf de Ruvo fellowship in 2004. Following a postdoctoral stint at the Australian National University and the Department of Applied Mathematics, Dr. Norgren returned to Mid Sweden University and the FSCN Research Center. Subsequently, between 2007 and 2009, he was appointed as researcher in Prof. Lars Wågberg’s group at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the Department of Fiber and Polymer Technology. In 2010, Dr. Norgren became full professor at Mid Sweden University, where he also delved into the realm of innovation management. Here he stood at the helm of the research group in Surface and Colloid Engineering with his team's work revolving mainly around the fundamentals and applications of cellulose and lignin, materials chemistry, and triboelectrics. Dr. Norgren's prolific contributions are reflected in the publication of over 90 peer-reviewed journal papers and the acquisition of three patents. His multifaceted career took an entrepreneurial turn in 2012 when he took a one-year leave of absence to serve as the CEO of a startup company he co-founded.