Danny Geelen

Danny Geelen

Ghent University, BE

Duo talk with Philippe Evon on Thursday, 6 June 2024


Development of biostimulants from sunflower stalks and heads: optimization of extraction conditions through twin-screw extrusion, bioactivity evaluation, and valorization of extrudate into biosourced materials


Danny Geelen is professor at the faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University, leading the research unit HortiCell (www.horticell.be).He graduated with a master’s degree in biology, specializing in Plant Biotechnology, from Ghent University, Belgium. Later also obtaining his Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology. He was principal investigator at the Plant Systems Biology (VIB) from 2000-2005 heading the plant cell biology research unit. His research is situated at the cross section of fundamental and applied research. HortiCell develops innovations in plant tissue culture, plant breeding, and plant biostimulants. Since his appointment, he has published 180 papers, has been cited 10.000 times, obtaining an h-index of 57. He also holds 4 international patents and is recognized as an expert in plant biostimulants, regeneration and sexual reproduction.