Visit of LCA & LGC 
The Laboratory of Agro-industrial Chemistry (90 people) and the Laboratory of Chemical Engineering (300 people) will make you visit their facilities for the pilot-scale transformation of biomass, including: biomass gasifier, sc-CO2 extraction, aqueous and solvent extraction, single and twin-screw extruders for fractionation and chemical reaction, injection-moulding of bio-based materials, electromagnetic reactor, and lots more.
                            Duration: 1 hour
                            Location: Walking distance from the conference venue        
                            Price per person: 10 Euro
Visit of TWB
Presentation of TWB, followed by a visit of the technical platforms:
. Strain engineering 
. Bio transformation 
. Analytics 
                            Duration: 1 ½ hours
                            Location: 15 minutes by bus from the conference venue
                            Price per person: 10 Euro
These visits take place simultaneously.