BioREFINE-2G project


When: Friday 5th June, 08:30-12:30

Where: Foss room, Park Inn


The BioREFINE-2G project - Development of 2nd Generation Biorefineries: Production of Dicarboxylic Acids and Bio-based Polymers Derived Thereof - aims at developing commercially attractive processes for efficient conversion of pentose-rich side-streams from biorefineries into dicarboxylic acids, which can be used as precursors for bio-based polymers including biodegradable polymers.

The project covers the whole value chain, from characterization of side streams from forest and other non-food feedstock, development of novel robust industrial yeast cell factories, fermentation and downstream process development, to polymerization methods development for the production of biodegradable polymers applicable as plastics, coatings or adhesives, scale-up and demonstration and to life cycle and economic viability analyses.
For more information about the activities and the project partners please visit the project website
The BioREFINE-2G Workshop will take place on 5 June 2015 with the aim of bringing together leading experts in novel biorefinery processes for the production of biopolymers and to discuss about the latest development in this field.
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